Yellow gauze

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This polyester gauze is used to create sufficient insulation distance between the conducting parts within the injection joint. Furthermore the gauze contributes to a proper flow of the resin into the joint.

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  • The special mesh structure of this gauze prevents the sides from fraying
  • In comparison to other materials, the material has an extremely low moisture absorption
  • Yellow colour for a visible contrast with the resin
  • Not hygroscopic
  • The roughness of the structure provides excellent skid resistance
  • 1,0mm thick mono filament polyester
Material100% Monofil Polyester
Thickness thread0,25mm
Thickness gauze1,0mm
Number of threads in width13
Diameter roll± 85mm
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80477 Yellow gauze 38mm x 9m Bestelleinheit 100 pcs/carton
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