Injection nipples and valve 6,1mm

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Filoform injection nipples and injection valves are are used for injection joints. The injection valve is positioned on the wrap-around gauze by using the wrap-around tape. The injection nipple is placed onto the resin pack in order to enable an easy and smooth injection of the resin into the joint.

  • Recommended for injection joints on cables <4x25mm²
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Injectionnipple 6,1mm

Inner diameter opening6,1mm
Outer diameterSuitable for all common types of injectionvalves of 6,1mm
VersionAdhesive foam ring with a removable protection foil
Very good adhesion, even with high and low temperatures.
Suitable for all common types of resin packages.
Nipple constructionThe resin package opens with the pressure of the injection pump.
The nipple has 8 perforation teeth. 

Injectionvalve 6,1mm

Inner diameter opening
Diameter plate55mm
VersionSuitable for all common type of injectionnipples 6,1mm.
Valve constructionProvided with a non-return valve to prevent leakage of the resin
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80381 Injection nipple 6,1mm Bestelleinheit 10 pcs/bag
80535 Injection valve 6,1mm Bestelleinheit 10 pcs/bag
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