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Gauze-flex is used to create insulation distance around the conducting parts when making an injection joint. It also contributes to an optimal distribution of the resin in the injection joint. Because of the width, the 10 cm wide version is very suitable for the insulation of the earth screen as well as for wrapping up the total joint.

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  • Quick, because of the reduces number of windings necessary for the required insulation distance
  • Small roll diameter for easier winding in cable beds
  • Contributes to a "blending shape" of the joint
  • The skid resistance of the gauze contributes to an easy application
  • White colour contrasts with the colour of the resin
  • Saves installation time and is user-friendly
Material100% Mono filament Polyester
Thickness thread0,25mm
Thickness gauze1,0mm
Number of warp threads29 per 100mm
Number of weft threads60 per 100mm
Diameter roll (10cm x 3,5m)± 55mm
Diameter roll (30cm x 2m)± 45mm
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80482 Wikkelgauze flex 10cm x 3,5m Bestelleinheit 100 pcs/carton
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