Filogel gel resin

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  • Potting of electronic components
  • Telecommunication applications to avoid damage caused by moisture
  • Insulation of low voltage connections
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  • Resin van be removed very easily
  • Free of iso-cyanates, epoxides and silicones
  • Not classified according to the EC regulations
  • Medium viscosity while pouring
  • Good adhesion to metals, minerals and many plastics
  • Excellent hydrophobic behaviour
Properties Unit Value
Potlife (process time) 20°C minutes 20
Gel-time 20°C minutes 50
Viscosity 20°C cps 1000
Exothermic peak (ASTM D2471) °C 28
Density g / cm³ 0,91
Hardness Shore A 5
Elongation at break % 95
Temperature resistance °C 80°C (short 120°C)
Corrosion of copper (MS 17000, 1139)   non corrosive
Insulation resistance at 500 V DC ohm 1,2 x 10¹²
Volume resistivity bij 500 V DC 0,6 x 10¹³
Water absorption (ASTM D570) % 0,36
Water sensitivity (TA-NWT-000354) % 0
Chemical resistant against   2n, H2SO4, CaCO3
colour   Transparent amber
Shelf life   18 months
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Download: Mixing instructions


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