Core seperator and separator strip

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The Filoform core separator enables you to create a good insulation distance in a straight connection injection joint between the connectors. The core separator is suitable for both bolted and crimp connectors.

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  • Always a guaranteed good insulation distance between borth bolted and crimp connectors
  • More efficiency due to fast and easy installation
  • Easy to shorten when used in smaller straight connection joints
MaterialSanding fleece matetial with open structure
Width80mm / 160mm
Partition seperation8-fold
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80534 Core separator 22x8cm Bestelleinheit 100 pcs/carton
80533 Separator strip 220x80mm Bestelleinheit 100 pcs/carton
80532 Core separator 22x16cm Bestelleinheit 50 pcs/carton
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